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Unicode and ASCII Strings

Keep in mind that XMLObject is a wrapper around your existing xml.sax or pyRXP library. It is not an XML parser.

For this reason, member strings will be the same type as whatever is provided by the underlying parser module. The current version of xml.sax returns unicode strings and the current version of pyRXP returns ASCII strings.

Your code should be prepared for whatever type of string is returned by XMLObject. If your program cannot handle both ASCII and unicode strings, then you should either cast your strings or force XMLObject to use your parser of choice.

XMLObject will try to import pyRXP when it is, itself, imported. If this import fails, XMLObject will resort to using xml.sax. To force XMLObject to use xml.sax regardless of whether pyRXP is available, add the following code after you've imported XMLObject, but before you've called XMLObject's Parse function:

XMLObject.pyRXP = None